race: 2011 Mihara Lake Hakuryuko Trail Running Race

I'd like to introduce a trail running race in Hiroshima, my hometown.

Re. Lake Hakuryu-ko, I have a strong image of golf since I was little, but never thought of it for a trail running race field.

三原は有名どころで言えばやっさ祭り、ゆかりの人は新藤兼人映画監督(日本最高齢の現役映画監督。『午後の遺言状』 など)、「マサカリ投法」の村田兆治さんです。他に何かあったら教えてAさん(地元ティです)!
Mihara is famous about Yassa festival, people who have a connection with Mihara are Kaneto Shindo, the oldest but active film director in Japan ("A last note" etc.), Choji Murata, famouse with "masakari (broadax) style" pitching form because his motion looks as if he is swinging a masakari. If I miss anything, let me know A-san, who is from Mihara.

More details from a site where you can sign up.

開催地:広島県 三原市・白竜湖スポーツ村公園
申込料:ロングコース/35km 8,000円 ショートコース/18km 6,000円
定員:ロングコース/35km 200名、ショートコース/18km 200名

The date: Sunday, September 18, 2011
The venue: the Hiroshima Prefecture Mihara city and ..white dragon lake sports village park.. ..

• Application period: Sunday, July 31 Friday to July 1, 2011
• Courses: long course 35km, short course 18km
• Who can apply: Those who:
-- can appreciate the nature
-- have well understanding this sport (trail running)
-- can take part in at own risk (Less than 18 years old requires the guardian's agreement)
• Application fee: 18km 6,000 yen, 35km 8,000 yen
• Capacity: Long 35km 200 runners, Short course 18km 200 runners
• Sponsor: Mihara and white dragon lake trail orchis race rally executive committee

あれっ、でもこの大会、同じく広島県山県郡の第2回 安芸太田しわいマラソン2011(88kmウルトラ)と同日開催…!?
Wait, is this race held on the same day of The 2nd Aki Ota Shiwai Marathon 2011 (the first 88km ultra marathon in Hiroshima)!?

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