생각잖은 곳에서 봤습니다.
I found it at where unexpected.

비브람 파이브핀가즈 (VIBRAM fivefingers)를 안 것은 5개 손가락 러닝 슈즈를 통했는데 "1936년, 비극이 생긴 등산으로부터 되돌아왔을 때 등산화용 밑창을 생각해 낸" (공식 사니트)게 시작이니까 솔/밑창이 본래의 스타트라고 하는 것이죠.
I got known VIBRAM fivefingers though five fingers running shoes, but they said "The history of Vibram dates back to 1937, when Vitale Bramani, Academic of the Italian Alpine Club, returned from a tragic alpine climb and had the brilliant idea of developing rubber biking boot soles" (official website) So, I should remember that this is as Vibram's original starting point, a shoe sole.

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