things: Eucalyptus oil

December has come.

急に寒くなって、のどがちょっと… という方、多いのではないでしょうか? 
"It's getting cold suddenly, so my throat is... (cough)" Is that you? My throat is not too strong in the winter time, so I wear a mask not only in dry daytime but also while I sleep.

When just before I was aware of something weird at my throat, I was recommended eucalyptus oil whose bactericidal action is high.

1-2 drops are onto a mask, then just wear it as regular. it's a high antibacterial action mask. (it's too much in a picture. I'm right-handed and was dropping it with my left hand!)

"If those essential oils cures cold, we don't need doctor!" Do you think so? I also thought that before, but after Niaouli made my breath easier, I got interested in other oils too.

Although sufficient nutrition and rest is the best medicine to get well completely. But oil can be one of choices for prevention in addition to gargling and washing hands as a basic.