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I saw this in the morning news at KBS in Busan on October 10. Its video is here.

I wrote about five fingers before, but FILA's Skete-Toes (four-toe) shoes' idea was born two years ago.

They were looking for a factory in China for mass production but a sewing machine goes up and down for dividing a finger cannot be set in a production system.

"we sew just round in general, but this has to go up-and-down." Mr. John Epstein, FILA USA president.

Then, a shoe sewing company in Busan made a special system for them and made it possible. Now between 50 and 100 pairs of shoes per week are sold at one store in Times Square in NY.

釜山は履物産業で有名だったんですね。現在韓国で売られているナイキシューズにはMade in China, Made in Vietnamと書かれている商品が多いそうですが、実は韓国資本の工場をベトナムや中国に作り、現地生産。そこから輸入しているので表記上そうなっているだけだそうです。(履物産業PRセンターHPより
I didn't know Busan has been famous for footwear industry. They said that Nike shoes sold in Korea now has Made in China or Made in Vietnam seals on them but it's actually those factories are built with South Korean's capital. They made outside of Korea and import them, so it's only a notation issue. (Footwear industrial promotion center's website)

BISS (Busan International Smart Shoes and parts fair) will be held from October 14. (Now we have not only smart phone, but also smart shoes, huh?)

来年はどんなランニングシューズが登場するのでしょうか? 楽しみです。
What kind of new "smart" running shoes will be out next year? Look forward to them.

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