things: shoelaces

I try to have a good relationships with my niki-niki knee these days.

シューズもこれよりソールが厚めのものに変えたのはいいのですが、所詮メンズなので大きい! 靴紐も二重にしないとほどけてしまいます。
Changes my shoes to this since it has thicker soles than these shoes, but these are men's shoes so I have an extra room at heel. And shoelaces must be tied twice otherwise it'd be losen soon after starting to run.

そこで見つけたのがRUNNER'S WORLDのこの動画。
Then I found this video at RUNNER'S WORLD.

Thought you might know of this technique, but I introduced it here for myself too ;-)

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