things: running shoes 2

目には目を、歯は歯を、そして筋肉痛は… 走って治すのだ! と、景気付けに新しいシューズを買ってみました。An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and muscle pain? ... it'd be cured with more running! So, I bought a new pair of shoes.

This is not an excuse at all. Of course not...

The one I bought last time was 25cm, but this one is 24.5cm.

This is an unisex model. The previous one is LADY SKYSENSOR® NEO TJR819 and this one is TARTHER. On a top of a difference of shoe's mold, that might be one of reasons.

I usually try final two (or three) pairs on back and forth many times to make my decision. Many thanks to a clerk who had me at a store for your big patience!

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