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気に入っているグッズがヘビーローテーションで摩耗した時、慌てて替わりを探すけれどなかなか見つからない… そんなことはないですか?
You have your favorite items and it'd worn out soon because you keep using them only over and over. Have you ever had such experiences?

It happens to my socks recently.
"I gotta get them," I kept thinking, but not really dropped by a shop. A hole almost gets through.

Here is what I've been looking for them everywhere and finally found: Mizuno's 5-finger socks with grip on soles.
This is thin and I like them alot. I just couldn't find a shop on a street so I bought them from an online shop in Akita. Ha! Viva, internet ;-) I bought even two pairs which is my first hoarding ever in my life (Really).

Here are what I use for running on road: injinji (left), TABIO (two at right)
My TABIO is the first generation. The latest one has more longer around ankles, so you won't have funny suntan when you wear compression tights. I used to have a very thin funny suntan at my ankles.

こちらはトレイルランニング用。Halison(左)、X SOCKS(右):生地も分厚く、着地の際の衝撃をやわらげてくれます。
Here are for trail running. Halison (left), X SOCKS (right). They are thick and would absorb shock when you hit a trail.

I hope my knee pain will go away soon.

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