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I've been fully recovered from muscle pain the other day. But we all knew that how fast we could recover depends on how we usually spend days.

So, I've been trying a couple of things in my diet and see how it works.

Following Manuka, what I introduce here is...

2球入り/箱で1,575円 (税込、 送料別) 。
JPY 1,575 for two bulbs per box, incl. tax and excl. shipping fee.

I bought black garlic before at event in Shin Okubo before and it was good. I've been looking for ones from Korea. You may not believe, but this is soft and even kind of sweet.

I eat one piece per day, but I had a big piece in the morning of that race.
I guess it works fine cuz I finished within what I was told to do so!? ;-p

Talking about Namhae-city, Gyeongsangnam-do, Juergen-san wore a tanktop with it printed.

実は大会の朝で食べ切ってここ1週間くらい食べていないんですけど、ちょっと大会後しんどい感じ…? それは夜、本を読みながら寝ていて、電気をつけたままうっかりした寝たせいではありませんよ、多分… 皆さん、夜はきちんと熟睡しましょう! 
In fact, I already finish them on a race day and have been missing it for about a week or so... I guess that's why I keep feeling bit tired after a race? I don't think it's because I kept a light on when I slept because I was reading in bed... I guess. Is it so? Well, sleep tight at night, everyone!

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