things: runner's toe

There are a couple of things which troubles runners after a race. One of them is runner's toe.

At this race, I got two at my left and

one at my right. I get this after every race, but it has fever this time...
If you look at it long enough, it'd become medama-oyaji (Daddy Eyeball).

Since this swelling is spreading toward to a leg and my finger is too hot, I made a call to Higashi-san for "HELP!"

クールタイガー「8mmくらい爪がもりあがって、もげそうなんですよ! で、腫れがこっち側まで来てるんです!」(「こっち側」って… 電話だからもっと分かり易く言おうよ、自分)
cooltiger "My nail is raised by about 8mm and it's almost come off! And this swelling is spreading toward to this side. [Which side? I'd better to make myself more clear next time since it was a phone conversation, not over skype with a camera]"
Higashi-san "Ah, toward to your leg, right? (Thanks for understanding me!) 8mm, huh? Well, leave it as it is until pain is gone, then take water out. It should make your skin and a nail put together again and a nail will come off without a pain."

Higashi-san "If you run when you have those nails with a pain, you'd hurt a planta of your foot. So, please be careful."
cooltiger "Well, we'll have a typhoon to come soon by chance, so I guess I'll just work on workout."

Yes, seriously we'll have typhoon, it's not an excuse at all ;-p
source: tenki.jp

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