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Talking about being on sale, I often buy commemorative stamps. I wrote about my passion about writing postcards and letters before.

If you look at a sheet closely and carefully,
「Cartor Security Printing」とありますね。1974年(あ、同い年だ)フランスで創業。元々、カマンベールの金属包装のエンボス加工をする印刷会社だったようです。
you'll see a printer's name, Cartor Security Printing. They've been founded in 1974 in France. Originally they were a printing company who does embossed metal-foil Camembert cheese labels.

この切手シートにも載っている富士山。2012年5月はついに日本初の100マイルレース、UTMF(Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji)が開催予定ですね。
You can find Mt. Fuji in this stamp sheet. It'd be a stage of the very first 100-mile race in Japan, UTMF(Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji), in May, 2012.

Where do you enjoy coloured leaves this year?

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