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To tell the truth, I had the oxygen inhalation in the ambulance after a goal of The 82nd Seoul Marathon.

There was also a silent prayer for the victims of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami before a start, various feelings and emotions were mixed before a marathon started, I was crying while running, and the was sobbing at the end. So it was difficult to breath well temporarily, I was in a mini feature in the morning news as "image" which is something like this: "The marathon should be for getting better health, but some of them who damage their own health." I was in that news as "image of those who."

Yap, this pink TABIO socks is on my foot, indeed.

Although I made sub 4 (yes, I did), I didn't (couldn't) do decent stretch after a marathon. Therefore my legs are really stiff after returning to Japan, so I decided to see an expert, Idaten Chiryoshitsu, for a drastic treatment (for my standard).

Dr. Konno, The director, saw me this time and I had my first acupuncture + electrotherapy on my lower back and feet!

"Doc, would you please set the lowest current of electricity!" ...well, who said to have drastic treatment?
These pictures were taken without looking a monitor properly.

This is my back, taken by Dr. Konno.

Where muscles are layered, just regular massage can not reach to the deep enough. Needles give a small damage to muscle and let electricity run to make better blood flow. Needles on stiff muscle make platelets and white blood cells gather to that spots where needles are because they recognize them as foreign substances and what they try to repair leads to a recovery. I see.

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