people: Jiro Konno, Idaten Chiryoshitsu

現在発売中のTrail Running magazine タカタッタ No.6(エイ出版社)p110−111「『膝のここが痛いんです!』痛い場所分析レポ」、取材先の1つが韋駄天治療室です。
One of nterviewees for an article about knee pain, "My knee hurts right here!" page 110-111, Trail Running magazine takatatta No.6, is Idaten Chiryoshitsu (clinic).

The nearest station is Yotuya 3-chome, Metro Marunouchi line.
it's on the 5th floor right after coming out at exit 4.

TEL: 03-3226-6116
FAX: 03-3226-6143

「1990年当初故障に悩むマラソン選手の為にと立ち上がった治療室で、現在はさまざまなスポーツをしていて限界に挑戦しているアスリートから、 健康的にスポーツを行って自分の目標を目指してる方のマッサージ、鍼治療、リハビリ、トレーニングアドバイスなどを行っています 」(公式ホームページより抜粋)
"We've started this clinic for marathon runners in 1990 and now we take care of not only athletes who do various sports but those who try to be in a good shape with massage, acupuncture, rehabilitation, and advise on trainings." (from an official homepage).

The most well known story about idaten is "a swift runner who catches a demon who stole Buddha's remains," I guess.

As its name suggests, most of patients are from junior high- or hight school students and adults to professional runners. They take care of runners in wide age groups. (of course, there are some "not runner" patients with back pain also come)

Jiro Konno sensei, Director, who answers to my questions in super details by hand written while he was on business trip when I interviewed him.
I brought magazine came out and had a quick talk with him in a gap of his treatments. (btw, I just notice that he is SO silm, look at his arms!)

He's been a runner since he was a student and still takes part in two races a year. No wonder he has better understanding and approaches with his treatments and it leads a clinic's popularity.

You can see other doctors' sports histories.

"If he was a runner at high school, he knows how to loose up himself. But those who start to run after starting to work, they don't know how to have a break when they should." For some reason, we Japanese tend to think "have a break = being lazy," don't we?

Not only body, but also soul. When you have a chance, take care of yourself well.

あ、ほらここにも書いてあった。「養生について… 諸事に気をつかい精神を疲労させないこと」
I kinda like to read this kind of "DO" list. Also I'm interested in font.
Ah, look, it's also said "To recover... don't worry about tiny things in your life and don't make yourself tired mentally."

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