item: Musashi's salty yokan

Someone whom I interviewed before said that she tried to have a local sweet as a supplement at a local race. I thought that's a brilliant idea and since then I try to find as many local sweets as possible when I'm in a new town.

As you may know, Hiroshima's most famous sweet is momiji manju, but I'd rather recommend this instead.

Musashi's salty yokan (sweet bean jelly)
Its package says that a seller is Musashi, but no note about a producer. Anyway, its salty taste is just what you need while trail running. If you have a chance, please give a try.

Of course, you can enjoy it at your tea time at home.

皆さんのお薦めご当地甘味、教えてください! そしてそれを食べて走った道なども。
Please let me know what's your favorite local sweet? And which course you run?

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