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Another supplement from the world.

The 25th Venice Marathon was held last month. And I got omiyage from Japan Office. Thank you!

Enervitene Gel (left two) and Enervitene, from Italy.

Enerviteneの方は液体で結構甘かったのですが(後味がほんのりマミーっぽい感じ?)、先日の登りには効きました! 日本のようなゼリー状を想像していたので、思わずこぼしそうになりましたケド。
Enervitene was liquid and really sweet (its aftertaste somehow reminds me Mammy), but that worked at uphill last weekend. I imagined that it'd be jello like Japanese one, so I almost spilt it out at the first squeeze.

The company is called Evervit. "The first research began in 1972..." said at their history page.
They sell energy bars, products for recovery, and more.

あ、そう言えばMuscle Milk Light、まだ試してなかった!
I just remember, I haven't tried Muscle Milk Light yet!

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