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Forbidden colours. A long time ago, there is a system, which had decided colours to use for clothes by the class.
금령색 (금색?) 이라고 하는 말이 있습니다. 옛날, 계급에 의해 의복에 사용할 수 있는 색이 결정되어 있었던 제도를 뜻입니다.  

There is a story which has it as a title written by Yukio Mishima.
미시마 유키오가 쓴 소설에도 같은 타이틀이 있네요.
I found this place by chance. 
그리고, 이게 어제 우연히 본 것.

forbidden fruits

You can find a wide range of smoothies in a menu. They make it using frozen fruit without using ice, which I'm happy about. It's hard to find 100% smoothies which is really thick, isn't it? Also it's nice to find that they use currant or those rare fruits to get at a regular supermarket.
다양한 종류의 스무디를 있는데, 얼음없이 얼린 과일로 만드는 것이 특징^^ 정말 진한 과일 100%인 스무디는 좀처럼 없지요? 건포도 등도 쓰는 것도 좋네요~ ㅎㅎ

I ordered an ice cream because yesterday's high was over 20 degrees. What came out was that fruits and ice cream was half and half, which I found very generously. It's worth to have it.

어제는 최고기온이 20도를 넘고 있었으므로 아이스크림을 시켰는데 과일과 아이스가 반반이라고 들어 있어 대단히 먹을만 했어요 ㅎㅎ

They have chefs who used to work at Italian or French restaurants. Breads for burgers are homemade, and there is vegan menu.
푸드도 이탈리안이나 프렌치를 경험한 본격파인 셰프가 담당. 버거의 빵도 자가제품, 베지테리안용 메뉴도 있습니다. 

実は地下に同じ会社が運営するブティックがあるのですが、「1Fが天国、B1Fが地獄」というコンセプトで内装も凝っています(地下は撮影不可)。店内は蜂 の巣をイメージして作られたとか、照明から垂れ下がったように見えているのはハチミツとか、全てに意味があるそうです。
There is also a boutique in the basement, which is run by a same company. Its interior is designed with concepts which is a ground floor is heaven and the basement is hell. (Shooting is forbidden in the basement). A cafe is designed with an image of a beehive and dropping from a light is supposed to be honey, etc., it's fun to get known hidden many details.
실 은 같은 회사가 운영하는 가게가 지하에 있는데 "1F가 천국, B1F가 지옥"이라는 컨셉으로 인테리어도 잘 생각하고 있습니다 (지하는 촬영 불가). 점은 벌집을 이미지하며 만들어진 이라든지, 조명에서 처진 것은 꿀이라든지, 모든 것에 의미가 있대요.

It'd be nice to get yourself refreshed with rich and decent smoothie after your running at Yoyogi park.
요요기공원에서 뛴 후 비타민 충전하는 것도 좋은 것 같아요.

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