item: let your mind take a walk

今日、丸善に寄った時に外山 滋比古さん著の「朝採りの思考」が目につきました。
When coming to Maruzen today, "Asa dori no shiko (idea thought of in the morning)" written by Shigehiko Toyama.

I returned his another book to a city library without finishing it because renting time was up. Since then, I remember his name's kanji, especially Shigehiko part as a visual.

There is "Three strolls" episode in this book.
It introduces that he takes a walk in the early morning around the Imperial Palace, the foot stroll, the hands stroll (=writing down various information at random), and the head stroll.

He said "your head can take a walk more than 1000 miles at once."

なるほど… 頭を散歩させる、心を散歩させる、いいですね。
Indeed… it's nice to let my mind take a walk or let my heart take a walk.
I'd like to have the new year with a calm mind after having such time in this hustle end of the year.

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