Farmer's Ship LLC.

Meeting his fate. "I was charmed by what I found on the island where I visited at work by chance."
운명의 만남. "일 때문에 방문한 섬에서 우연히 만난 것에 매료되었습니다."
Shigetaka Murakami, Farmer's Ship LLC.

Lots of vegetables from the Seto Inland Sea -- which makes me nostalgic and happy. They open their shop on every Saturday and Sunday at the Farmer's Market at United Nations University.
그립고, 기쁜 세토나이카이에서 야채가 많이 있습니다. 유엔 대학 farmers' market에서 매주 토/일에 출점이래요.

Talking about UNU's farmers' market, we did such a thing in the past. 
유엔 대학 farmers' market이라고 하면, 이런 일 있었네요.

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