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I received a snail mail from Hasemai, The Bread Runner Ambassador.
何と手づくりのパン・ラン仕様なバースデーカードとパンな缶バッジです! ありがとう〜:)
Wow, it's a hand-made TBR B-day card and mini badge! That's so sweet, thanks very much, Hasemai-san!

TBR Ambassador Hasemai stays in Nagoya. She became a correspondent last fall and soon after became The Ambassador due to her contributions of vigorous activities. She organized TBR event already twice this year.
The first one's report is here, the second one is here.

Currently TBR Ambassador and Correspondent stay in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Hyogo, Hawaii, and Switzerland.

特派員の任務はこちらに… 自薦・他薦問いません。楽しくおいしく走るのにご興味のある方、コメントお寄せくださ〜い!
The missions of TBR Correspondent is here, please have a look. You can recommend not only others but also yourself, if you are interested in running with fun and running for something tasty. Look forward to hearing from you!

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