item: CLIF BAR and LUNA

旅先でのスーパーめぐりに加え(写真はユニオンスクウェアのWHOLE FOODS MARKET)、
It's fun to do supermarket hopping when I travel (pictures are WHOLE FOODS MARKET in Union Square),
it's more fun to find supplements in that country.

I bought supplements in Korea. And this time I bought these bars besides them at GNC.

LUNAはCLIF BARの女性スタッフたちが開発した商品だそうです。詳細はこちら
LUNA is produced by female staff at CLIF BAR. Here is more details.

CLIF BARはハワイでも見かけましたが、やわらかいクッキーのような食感でお気に入りです。普通におやつで食べたい衝動にかられます(笑)。
I saw CLIF BAR in Hawaii too and I like its soft texture. Sometimes I like to have it as just a snack at office.

あ、MUSCLE MILKですが飲み物もありましたね。
MUSCLE MILK produces its drink too.

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