TBR16-1 Riverside Dr

The Bread Runner 16. More to come from NY.

本当は1カ所110 St.あたりに行きたいパン屋があったのですが、見つからず… 長居せずダウンタウン方向に進みました。
There is one bakery I'd like to come by, but couldn't find. I didn't stay longer there to find it and decided to head to downtown.

進んでいる途中で、あらっ… ホテルはリバーサイドじゃないですか!?
On a way, I found a sign said "RIVERSIDE DR." It reminds me one Japanese drama called "New York Koi-monogatari (LOVE STORY IN NEW YORK)." It was such a popular drama in the late 80's and its theme song is "Riverside Hotel."
And its starring is Masakazu Tamura. He was there... NOT!


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