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Before a race, I cut every single drop of caffeine one week. I quitted coffee, green tea, tea, coco, chocolate and had mile, soy milk, or just hot water instead when I drink something. Then I had one of those supplements with caffeinated, it boosted me very much.

でも毎日朝食で大きなマグカップでいただくカヘオレは大好き! な私には非常に辛い1週間でもありました。
But it was a really tough one week for me who LOVEs café au lait in a big mug at every breakfast.

Here is good news for coffee (or tea) lover like me!

Its taste is normal café au lait, but I assume it includes much less or none caffeine, let's see...
(製品HPより/from Asahi website)

They said that about caffeine 100mg per cup of coffee is included.

And Espresso is said that it's been roasted for longer time than regular coffee so caffeine is volatilized more. Therefore it has less content by percentage than one of coffee. But it seems to have a wide range between 25~214mg, depends on inquiry.


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