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I wear skirt or capri pants, which shows ankles, every day these days.

午後になると、どうも足がむくみます… 非常に。
But I have swollen legs in the afternoon... very swollen legs.

It's not because lots of intake of roasted barley tea nor my condition. Then I thought "it might be my chilled ankles?"

When I work inside an office, I wore an old cotton pair of socks to see how it worked. Yes, it worked very well, no swollen legs whatsoever! Yahoo!

Though, I use those cotton pair of socks for years, so I bought them. They are good for running too.
TABIO leg warmer

They are thin, but work just fine.
From front.

(Does it look like I'm standing on my hands?)

My family members drink hot tea during Summer and I don't drink something cold at all. I use only an electric fan every Summer and chilly air came out from an air conditioner is the last thing I like.

Dr. Oshita, an acupuncturist and moxa‐cauterizer in Aoyama Tokyo, from the same hometown Hiroshima, showed me before his almost worn-out a pair of leg warmer. He said to make ankles warm doesn't hurt anything, just makes you stay healthy. It is SO true!

いやー、快適快適! おかげで足が非常に軽いです:)
Very good indeed! My legs are so light every day now : )

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