週末にお仕事ご一緒したフォトグラファー翔さんから「アメリカには面白いレースがあるらしいッスよ! なんかランスカ追いかけて、ヒラッってするとかって」という情報が。
Sho, photographer, whom I worked together over the weekend said that there is an interesting race in the U.S. It's chasing skirts and guys can flip skirts when they catch girls!"

スカートヒラッ、って小学生じゃないんだから(苦笑)… と思いながらググるとあったあった、ありましたよ!
Flipping a skirts... are you in the first grade?
But that caught my attention and googled... there it is!

SKIRT CHASER スカート・チェイサー
Literally "Guys chase girls with skirts" 5K race.

Female runners start first and male runners three min. later start. But Sho, it seems that there is no "flipping skirts" part. Sorry for spoiling your fantasy ;-p

Kick Startというプログラムの一環なのですが、「何か運動を始めたいけどどうすれば?」という女性に無料(←ここがすごい)で
It's a part of Kick Start Program and this program is made for women those who would like to start exercise, but don't know how. They offer FREE:
1) entry for SKIRT CHASER 5K race
2) a skirt for running
3) training program and support
and received great responses.

・参加者の95%:Kick Startがなかったら運動はしていなかった。
・30人中26人がレース目標を完了、その100%がそのままKick Startを継続。
Stats (an extract from an official website)
95% of Racers reported they would not have engaged in exercise without Kick Start
• 26 out of 30 racers completed their race goal - 100% stayed with program

Kick Startの創設者でありSkirt SportsのCEOでもあるニコール・デブームさんと昨年初参加して今年は初参加者をサポートする側にまわったジェニファーさんのインタビューです。
Here is an interview of Nicole DeBoom, founder of Kick Start Program and CEO of Skirt Sports, and Jeniffer, who took part in last year and now is helping new comers this year.
Nicole DeBoom is professional triathlete. She made a sport skirt by herself from a sheet of paper napkin sketch in 2004. A few weeks later, she wore that skirt and won the Ironman race and became the very first winner with a sport skirt.

We see and hear about skirts for running, but we can wear that skirt in other sports too like cycling etc.

At the end, I have to tell you, yes, you, Gentelmen! Sorry for being your dream pooper, but even if you flipped a skirt, it won't be as you may imagine. (about at 9 sec. you'll see the shocking fact!)

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