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"Good to find a good one," then I walked down to the ground floor. I had a chat with another clerk, who is a cyclist, and he said "btw, I use "Hara-g-kara (belly power)" when I ride a bike. That one is so good, because..."

「何ですか、ソレ? 肝力(きもぢから)?」。でも非常に気になる! また3Fに上がり直して…
"What's that funny name?" It caught my attention. I walked up to the third floor again...

買っちゃいましたよ! だって面白いんだもん!
then I bought that! Cuz it is very interesting!
肚力 (Hara-g-kara)

This is the first time I saw "how to undress it" note on an inner package.

襟ぐりは… 約26cm! いいね!
Its neckline is about 26cm, deep enough, I like it!

Why there is how-to-undress-it note and what is so interesting about is...

Can you see how tight the belly part of this inner wear?

There are high pressure around your belly as you can see above. It'd definitely make me think of stomach muscles all the time when running.

It covers until a half of your bam.

これは明日着用予定! レポしますね〜。
I will wear this tomorrow, stay tuned for my report!

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