Run+city: Central Park2

The Public Theater presents Shakespeare plays with free of charge at Delacort Theatre.

350ドル/2枚払ってサポーターになれば並ぶ必要はないのですが、並べば無料でプロの舞台を見ることができるとあり、見えますか、この人の列… この時点で6:30ごろです。
You don't need to cue up if you pay 350USD for two tickets, but if do, you might be able to get free tickets. The reason why I said "might" because, can you see a line of people? It was around 6:30AM.

It was definitely over 2km. The head of a line brought a bed!

I've been a fan of Al Pacino since I was high school student. This is the first time to see him for real with "The Merchant of Venice."

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