TBR20-1: Orwasher's

The open hours at yelp! was old? The bakery was not open yet at 7:02AM.

308 E 78th St New York, NY 10075

実はこの写真を撮った5秒くらい前にオーナーのキース・コーヘンさんがお店に入っていかれたんですよね… サイトで顔写真も見ていたから「え〜っとメッセージの下にあった名前、名前…!」と思い出そうとしている間に。
In fact, Mr. Keith Cohen, Owner, was walking into a bakery five min. before when I took this picture. I saw his face at an official site so I recognized his face, but his name didn't come up. When I was thinking so hard, the moment to say hi was passed...


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