Trail: Souko-yama, Hiroshima 2

A break is over.
OK, let's hit the road, nope, trail. We take course B now.

This trail is a piece of cake for Kuma-san, used to be a member of a climbing club when he was an University student.


100m more to a top!

We're almost there!

今回は宗箇山を通り過ぎて、高峠山に向かいました。山頂までのトレイルは素敵すぎて止まれず、走り過ぎてしまい写真なし… あしからず。
We passed a top of Soko-yama this time and headed to Takatoge-yama. A trail to a top was too beautiful to stop for taking pictures... Sorry!

高峠山頂上でのソフトフォーカスの理由は… 滝のような汗です(生活防水に汗って入ってたかしら!?)。
The reason why these shots are soft focused is because I sweat like pig (In Japanese, we say that we sweat like waterfall. Literally I was). I wonder that my digital camera's water proof works for sweat as well!?).

下りは飛ばす飛ばす! お〜い!
He was just zooooooooooooooom at downhill!

Now we are back in one piece at Hondo.

We thank and report to them that we are back safe in one piece...

Good run! Let's cool down with shaved ice at Kuten-an, a little tea house near by.

本当の抹茶がキメの細かい氷と絶妙に混ざって… しあわせ〜:)
Powdered green tea was well-blended with fine-shaved ice covered with condensed milk. Oh, it was SO good!

Thanks very much for coming along this trail trial, Kuma-san!

この試走は11月に何かになるかもしれません… 決まり次第、このブログでご報告します。
This three trials would be something in this November... Stay tuned, I'll let you all know at this blog as soon as details are fixed.

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