things: protein within 30 min.

"If you take protein within 30 min. after your exercise, it would work to repair your muscle damage efficiently." An amount of storing Glycogen is three times than one from doing the same two hours later.

こちらに回復を早めるお手軽メニューが載っていました。炭水化物:たんぱく質=4:1が黄金比とな。メモメモ… っと。
There are some simple menus to recover quickly. Carbohydrate:protein=4:1 is the golden ratio, they said. Gotta remember that.

Amino acids in protein also helps to stimulate the immune system.

でもプロテインパウダーの入った大きなカンカンを買うのも全部食べきれないかも… と思ったあなた(私も含む)。体重1kgあたり1.1gと言われているので必要量の全量は無理ですが、一部を豆乳で摂取するって手もあります。
But "I'm kinda hesitate to buy a big can of protein..." I agree. 1.1g/your weight kg would be needed, so you can't take it all from soy milk, but can do some.

You can find various kinds of soy milk at supermarket recently, can't you?
I always leave one in a locker before running. Then, I can have it at room temperature after running.

My family drink hot tea in the summer too, so I really do not have something cold to drink.

But I eat ice cream : ) Especially Häagen-Dazs!

I had it in the bath once before.

Bad manner? Well, you can say that. But I saw this CM at theater and wanted to try it so badly.
btw, you can find anything at YouTube.

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