event: TBR x Embassy Run 1

Today The Bread Runner x Embassy run 1 was held today.

ご一緒いただいたのはRunning in Tokyoの皆さんです。
Runners from Running in Tokyo run together.

Among them, Shoji-san, who brought his hand-made bagels today,
he bakes breads for years beyond as hobby. Wow, he is a real bread runner, isn't he? : )

Running in Tokyoを始めたユルゲンさんは、真剣に彰二さんのお手製ベーグルを吟味中。
Juergen-san seriously checked Shoji-san's bagel. He started Running in Tokyo.

Running in Tokyoは先日のOxfam Trailwalker Japanで優勝したメンバーの方々も参加しているグループです。
Those who won the first prize at Oxfam Trailwalker Japan belong to Running in Tokyo, too.

We started with a party popper at start.

さて、どんなパン・ランになるやら… つづく!
Well, how it was... stay tuned.

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