things: run + meeting

We gotta work, and we gotta run (only if you are a runner)...
If you can run when commute or run back to your home, it'd be ok, but if not, how do you earn time to run?

Especially in this rainy season, if you have a clear sky in the early evening, you'd like to jump out, don't you?

フフフ… そんな時は、お客さんと走りながら商談してしまいましょう!
Well, how about having a meeting with your client with running!
(お客さんも走っている人に限りますが… 苦笑)
(only if your client is also a runner though...)

If T-shirt sleeve suntan is sneaking out from a shirt of your client,
or if he wears this kind of for-running-type-watch when he wears a suit,
その人は何らかのスポーツをしているのだよ、ワトソンくん! (ランじゃなかったらごめんなさい)
he must do some sports, Watson! (...if he is not a runner, sorry)

We had quite a lot of talk while running 3 laps around Imperial Palace.
Of course, we both must prepare well beforehand like remembering numbers, references, and so on.

It could be difficult to have run+meeting in the daytime or it depends on a company which you work for whether you can go back to your home directly after run+meeting, but it won't be so bad to have something common to talk about with your clients besides work?

Cさん、初のラン・ミーティングお付き合いいただきありがとうございました! またやりましょう〜:)
Mr. C, thanks very much for attending the very first run+meeting today! Let's do that again : )


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