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I can't really have carbonated liquid. But for some reason, I crave this kind of soda jelly after running sometimes.

明治製菓 ふって飲む機能性炭酸ゼリー
It consists of Maca extract, caffeine, and vitamin B1/B2/B6 and so on.

Many bubbling in a jelly which you see is trapped soda.

Meiji recommends to shake it 10 times at least, but I did 5 times to see how it goes. Well, a chunk of jelly was too big to come out... When shaking custard pudding was released before, I shook too much and made liquid pudding. I thought that I learn something from that experience, but pudding and jelly seems to be a slightly different story.

でもなんで走った後、炭酸を飲みたくなるのでしょう?(ビールは話が変わってきますからここでは含みませんよ!)私だけ? ちょっと調べてみますね。
But why do I feel like soda after running? (Let's put beer aside for now. That's a different story!) Or is it only me? Well, I'll look into it.

ところで振る炭酸ゼリーといえば茅ヶ崎の東海岸会館前交差点・金森商店前にある自販機にもう1つあったなぁ… すごいレアな銘柄の。夏のジョギングコースの1つなのですが、いつも気になっていて、やっとある日1本買ったらもう1本当たったんで場所をよう覚えとるんですよ。
Talking about soda jelly, there is another one at a vending machine in front of Kanamori shouten at Higashi Kaigan Kaikanmae crossing in Chigasaki. It's a really rare brand... This is one of my summer jogging courses and I always wanted to try it whenever passing that vending machine. But a timing was not good each time. Finally when I bought it, I won a lottery at this vending machine. That's why I remember its location well.

あー、何じゃったっけ? 黄色っぽい缶のジャケです。地元の方ですか? 情報求む!
Ummm, what is it? It's a yellow can. Are you local in Chigasaki? Would you please help me on this!

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