Run+Nordick skiing

先の肩甲骨の話の続きですが、最近読んだOD BOX ANNEX店さんのブログで何だか肩甲骨をほぐすのによさそうな面白そうな商品があったので早速見てきました。
This is related with shoulder blade story. Something useful to relax your shoulder muscle was introduced in blog written by OD BOX ANNEX in Okachimachi. I went there to check it out for real.

Nordic skiing is good for raising shoulders' flexibility. This hand is...
Store manager Omokawa-san. "Hi there!"

How to use: Grab them while you walk. That's it. Just make sure to straight your arm throughout walking.

実際使っている図ですが、ワタクシ、どうも右手と右足が同時に出てしまい… どうも微妙なので割愛です(苦笑)。
Well, I can't really show a picture which I'm using them. My right arm and right foot move at the same time, which is really awkward...

In stead, I'll show details: when you push a red bottom at grip,
A hand strap will be come off easily. It's useful when you hold a water bottle. You had to take off straps each time you'd like to use your hand with previous types.

A spike pad.
You use this spike to make yourself move forward. That power makes your arm to swing forward more. As a result, you use muscle well around your shoulder and that basic movement is actually very useful when you are jogging.

せめてポールなしで歩く時にも大きく手を振ってみようかしら。 荷物を吹っ飛ばさない程度に(笑)。
I think I'd better try swing my arms big at least when walking, even without poles. I'll make sure I won't through my bag though.

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