Run+shoes: MBT, chung shi

明日は南魚沼のハーフ。お昼に何を食べようかな…と西新宿を歩いていたところ、「MBT B2Fに」の小さな看板が。ちょっと寄ってみよう。
Tomorrow is a half marathon in Minami-uonuma. What shall I eat at lunch... I was walking in Nishi Shinjuku, found a small sign "MBT B2F." Let's have a look.

A friend of mine recommends this shoes many times. He said that it is a bit expensive investment, but it's worth it." I guess so. Otherwise you won't but two pair of them! About 300 bucks x 2=...!

「マサイ族の…」というコピーをどこかで聞いたことはないですか? 結構なれるまで横にブレます。その可動範囲は正円に近いです。が、ひとたび慣れて、これまで履いていた靴に戻り、一歩踏み出した時感じた地面の堅さと言ったら! 衝撃です。その分、常は身体のどこかで衝撃を受けているということになるのだそうです。
Here is MBT. Did you hear this tagline "Masai’s..." somewhere before? It might take a while to get used to it and until then it'd be wobbly. That wobbly movement will be round. But once you do and get back to your previous shoes, shocking! I was surprised how hard I feel the ground. That shock is absorbed somewhere in your body.

MBTより前後への動きに集中したつくりになっているchung shi(チャンシー)。ドイツの会社なのに中国っぽい名前ですなぁ。写真はPromo(税込28,350円)
chung shi focuses more back and forth movement. It sounds like a Chinese name but produced by German company. Soles are curved by 15 degrees at both toe and heel. No wobby because it has firm support at side. The movement is narrow oval compared with MBT. You need to roll from heel otherwise you feel the funny shock on your sole like when you wear one teeth geta.

A difference of soles.

FRONTE 布論亭・鈴木代表。とても丁寧に説明してくださいました。そうそう、計らずとも尋ねずとも足をグッと触っただけでピッタリのサイズを持って来てくださったのにはビックリ!
Suzuki-san, CEO, FRONTE. He explained very well. He brought me an exactly right size with just touching my foot for a sec. It was an another surprise!

〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿1-26-1 損保ジャパンビル本社ビルB2F
TEL 03-3345-1606
FAX 03-3345-6456
定休日 水曜

You have to be conscious your posture otherwise it won't be effective at max. Once you get used to it, I think you can have not only posture but also abdominal muscles.

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