item: Akebia quinata

While I came back to Hiroshima, a friend of my father gave us some of Akebia quinata.

小学校の時に男子が山で取って来たのを、教室にしばらくおいていたら小さくしぼんでしまった記憶が… お腹の空いた誰かが食べようとしていましたが(苦笑)。
When I was little, boys took them from a mountain and left them at class room of an elementary school. They got shriveled but someone hungry tried to eat it before lunch time.

White jello part is edible, black bits are seeds. They are sweet and sour, it was a good one.

btw, I was little surprised to know that it's called Akebia... in English, very close to Japanese name. We learn something new every day, don't we?

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