TBR28-2 Noguchi-ya

Have you ever seen this flag and he or she is pulling a rear car with a blue box on it in your neighborhood?

I've seen them here and there. I knew that he sells tofu, but I thought that one person does this for some reason by today.

でも明大前で止まって販売している方は、近所で見かけた方と姿格好が違う… ん〜? お話を聞いてみました。
But he was standing in front of Meidai-mae station looked different from person I've seen in my neighborhood. Why... well, let see, I had a chat with him.

"We have about 300 part time workers to sell them on street besides a shop in Tsukiji."
A-ha, that's the secret of being seen everywhere.

They sell not only tofu, but soy beans milk bread, yuba, ganmodoki, soy beans potage, shiso maki etc.

"Our President is from Toyama so that we have a relationship with a farmer who make this in Tohoku area," said Noguchi-ya's employee. I remember to enjoy them at dinner of my friend's family in Miyagi. Thanks again, The A-s!

Three slices of soy milk bread are in one package. It was quite heavy for that size. I gotta get that next time.

After I watched a film, I run back to my home. I thought it'd be ok if I make a turn right at every corner, but I almost got lost in Shimokitazawa, which is another achilles for me.

Where Yamate dori and Tamagawa dori crosses.
Until getting here, I spend more time near a ground of Komaba Tokyo Univ. than I expected. It's bit hard to see how roads go at night, isn't it?
ところで玉川通りって国道246号線の一部じゃったんですねぇ。しかも静岡の酒匂川(さかわがわ)沿いまで走っている… 毎年下流である花火を見に行っていますよ。
btw, I didn't know that Takagawa dori street is a part of Route 246, plus it runs along with Sakawa river in Shizuoka. I go to fireworks festival along that river every summer.

大崎郵便局の近くだったかな? もうこの辺りまで来ると安心。
Was it near Osaki post office? It looks familiar with me around here.

About 13km.

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