TBR23-1: Bakery Manoa

Today I introduce a report from F-san, Hawaii. The Bread Runner correspondent.

FさんはStudio Fという料理教室を現地で開いていらっしゃる、シェフです。私とは共通の友人がおり、数年前に知り合いました。
F-san is chef and does cooking class called Studio F in Hawaii. We have a mutual friend and have met several years ago.

ok, here it is...

This bakery's owners are a couple. Both of then love Hawaii and it's been already for 13 years.

I got here about a same time. I still remember that there was absolutely no good bakery and it was big deal for me. One day Bakery Manoa was opened and they save my life!

真ん中に見えますか… 緑のサイン。
Can you see a green sign board in the middle?

Bakery Manoa
2752 Wood lawn Dr #5-108, Honolulu HI 96822
Manoa Marketplace
Wed.-Sat. 7:00~16:00
Sun. 7:00~15:00
TEL: 808-988-5522
Closed on Mon. and Tue.

しかも、マノアという住宅地のマノアマーケットプレイス内、その頃住んでいた家からは歩いて3分だった。 今の家からは歩くと30分くらいかかってしまうけど、マーケットプレイス内のセーフウェイ(全米で展開している最大級のスーパー)にお買い物に行く時はよく立ち寄ります。
Manoa is a residential area. This bakery is in that Manoa Market Place and just three min. from my house where I used to live. Now it takes about 30 min. by walking, but I drop by often when I come to Safeway which is also in the same Market Place.

私のおすすめは、何と言っても「サンドイッチブレッド」いわゆる食パンなんですが、これが日本のパンの味でしょう! 白くてフワッとしっとりと、卵サンドなんかにすると美味しいですよね。
My recommendation is this sandwich bread. Shoku-pan, it is. This is the Japanese bread taste, isn't it!? White, with nicely bouncy texture and good moisture. Egg sandwich would be good to make with this bread.

お店からのおすすめは、篠崎正之・一江ご夫妻お二人で持っている「ラウンドスィートブレッド」。普通の食パンよりはちょっぴり甘い丸い形のパン。 こちらもしっとりとしていて、スライスしても丸く小ぶりなのでパクパク食べちゃう、皮が美味しいの。
The Shinosaki couple recommendation is Round Sweet Bread. It's bit sweeter than regular and round shape as its name is. This also has good moisture and since it's cuter size than a regular, once you start, you can't stop! Its crispy round bit is also tasty.

My son chose koshi-an-pan for today's snack. Ummm...
Look, how an paste is filled!

Of course we bought a loaf of that regular bread. They also bake sakura an-pan or Manoa an-pan, white an-pan which I like and makes me think of Japan.

I visited around 14:00 on Saturday, but chocolate chips melon pan* or cinnamon doughnut which he loves were sold out. Next time.
I got a picture of other bread the other day. From left front to back, koshi-an pan, white an pan, right front is chocolate chips melon pan and blueberry cream cheese bead.
* メロンパンについてはこちらこちらもどうぞ。
* Re. melon-pan, please enjoy this and that.
It's about 20 min. from University of Hawaii, if you were adult? It's uphill throughout. [TBR: 1.4 mile、about 2.5km]

From Waikiki beach, 1.4 mile、about 7km.

From Japan, it's only 7 hours! The fast runner can do three rounds of a full marathon.

F-san, thanks very much for your report! Next time you and Mango run together, what do you think? ;)

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