item: VESPA

At a workshop, we tried VESPA Pro before heading out to Yoyogi Park.

知らなかったのですが、VESPAはパワージェルなどと一緒に摂取することで、その効果を最大限に発揮するそうですね。いつもこれだけをここぞ!という時に飲んですごい復活していた(気になっていた)のですが… 次の大会で試してみよう。
I didn't know, only when VESPA is taken with power gel, it’d work at best. I usually take that at the crucial moment and felt like I was recovered enough... I guess there is more recovery I could experience then! Look forward to it at the next race.

さてワークショップ終了後、嬉しいことにNEWTONさんから参加者全員に1000円分のクーポンが配られました! ありがとうございます。
After a workshop, we all were treated with NEWTON 1,000 yen coupon! Thank you.

I bought a concentrated version and a solid version which I've been thinking of buying right away.

On a package of solid one, it said that it's ok to have two after training, but I hold myself well to have only one.

It's soybean flour taste and not so much moisture in it, it's like calorie mate with more high density.

It's ok with me to have it as a daily snack.

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