item: real food in Korea

I introduced this before very briefly, but today I'd like to add bit more information.

(From top left) Caramel candy (W700 = about ¥ 55), chocolate pie (sold as assorted), and yokan (sweet adzuki‐bean paste jello in bar shape, W500 = about ¥ 40) is.

Caramel candy and chocolate pie "jyon" are made by Orion (Note: a link with sound) (I thought that it's made by Lotte, but I guess not!) It is said that chocolate pie was produced in 1974 and it's been the best seller for 36 years since. A marshmallow is inside. Researchers dropped by at cafe while business traveling in Europe, they ate chocolate coated biscuits. That is how they got inspired. Ah, also, it's used as an important item in films such as "JSA."

Yokan is a product of Haitai. At Yokan's introduction page, it says that "since 1945", "Grandpa, Grandma ate" so this is a long seller. It's available at vending machines or kiosks at stations.

At trail running race in Seoul which I took part in, they served chocolate pie at an aid station like this.

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