Run+movie/book 1: 맨발의 기봉이

DVDだったけど、いつ見たんだっけ… 「裸足のギボン」。
When did I see this film... "Barefoot Gi Bong."
This movie is based on the real figure, Om Gi Bong.
"The happiest barefoot in the world."

Ah, I remember!
I found its book first by chance at a city library. About one year ago or so.

40-year old Om Gi Bong had fever when he was little and his brain growth was stopped at an age of eight. He loves running and is good at it. The Mayor in his village came up with an idea which sends him to a marathon race. But this film's core is about how deeply Mr. Om loves his mother, not how he practices or runs at a race.

読み終わった後に自分はここまで親を大事にしているのか? していないなら、それはなぜなのか? という自問をせずにいられませんでした。
After reading this, I couldn't help asking myself that "do I take care of my folks? If not, why so?"

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