I go to mountains for trail running by myself unless there are races or workshops. Here are items I always put in my backpack.

Map, compass, whistle, permanent marker, tape, plaster with various sizes, hydro colloid plaster, an extractor pump for sucking poison, cream for bruises etc...

Arnica is a homeopathic therapy remedies and a friend of mine, Chiemi, who knows about it very well shares it with me.

以前、山で倒れていた木をまたごうとして替わりに見事な膝蹴りを木にくらわしてしまいました… のですが、その膝も小豆大くらいの青地で済み2~3日であっという間に消えました。本当は打った直後に塗ると最大の効果を発揮するらしいのですが、半日後でも上記の効果でしたのでその素晴らしい効き目をお分かりいただけると思います。でも最初は詳しい方からよくお聞きになって、ご自身で使用について判断してくださいね。
This one is cream type and works well with your bruise. The other day when I was going to climb over a tree fallen down, I hit it with my knee so badly instead... but thanks to Arnica, my bruise was like a red bean size and it's gone so quickly a couple of days later. I should use it right after it to receive its effect at best, but even after a half day later, it worked just like that. When you use it, please have someone who knows about it really well first and make your own decision to use it or not.

This is a whistle you can use in water as well. A friend of mine in the United States gave me as a birthday present. I wrote SOS morse code on it. Fortunately, I've used it yet neither on land nor in water.
A couple of years ago I learned with a note came with emergency supplies, "(when you are trapped in something) you are not able to shout out loud when you got really weak." Since then, I put a whistle in my backpack.

I used a whistle which Scotland Yard actually uses before but it was heavy and its metal chain makes noise when I run, so I wanted the right one. Thanks, Mary!
MADE IN ENGLANDの文字が見えますかね。
You see letters said "MADE IN ENGLAND"?

And a bear bell, if necessary and sanitary napkins for bleeding which a regular plaster isn't enough.

Also you'd better let your family know where you go to.

We all have our own items you'd think it's important or necessary. What's your must-have?
Triathletes and those who ride a bike, what is your must-have besides supplements and tools to fix a bike?

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