Run+book 2: 一瞬の風になれ

It's been more than one year since I read those books, but suddenly I remember them this week.

佐藤 多佳子さん著の3部作。今はもう文庫が出ていますね。
Trilogy by Takako Sato. Now paperbacks already came out.

一瞬の風になれ 第一部  イチニツイテ
part one: ready

一瞬の風になれ 第二部 ヨウイ
part two: set

一瞬の風になれ 第三部 ドン
part three: go

ある高校の陸上部が舞台で、部活・大会・学校・プライベート… とてんこもりの青春小説。
This is about a track team of one high school. Club activities after school, races, school, and private... lots of things in the youth. I like how to count this trilogy at title too but they were such page-turner. "what'd happen next!?" I finished them all in one day.

I'm pretty easy to water my eyes even with movie trailers, but with minus that, this makes you cry!

I got known of "zero energy stage" with this novel, I wonder how it would be. I haven't really run that far yet...

I wanted to read more books by the same author and this one is good too.

神様がくれた指/The Divine Fingers
A story about incidents by a pocket picker and a fortune teller. It has a unique sense of speed.

Run+book 1はこちら
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