Run+history: Kohgai/笄

btw, an elementary school near Sauna Adam and Eve, it's called Kohgai elementary school.


Wait, what the heck Kohgai is in the first place?
I assume since Edo era? people use it to make hair in a shape or scratching head without making a mess of a hair style. The link above explains a difference between kohgai and kanzashi, too.

Well, so, why this around is called "Kohgai" then?
The below is borrowed from Kohgai elementary school site.

"The first theory: When Minamoto no Tsunetomo was going to across a river, the Tengyo War in 939, guard samurai refused to his passage. So Tsunetomo gave his Kohgai of a sword to him as an evidence of being ally. So, that bridge was named after that and changed its kanji later on.

The second theory: When Tokugawa Ieyasu opened Tokugawa Shogunate, he gave houses near the school to ninja Kouka and Iga, so a bridge nearby also called Kohga-Iga bridge and changed its kanji later on."

Oh my, I'd never imagine this connection between Ninja and hair accessory!

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