I couldn't get a reservation at a sport message after long distance running the other day. So I just gave it a shot moxa which a friend of mine, who is a practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion, gave me a sample of moxa. Next morning my legs were so light and no tiredness whatsoever.
It works very well, especially for cold constitution in winter or when you feel like getting a cold. Since then, I store them year round.

The useful point after running I was taught is called ashi-sanri. It's located on a side of your legs and where edges of bones you can touch on outsides of your knees.

「灸 ツボ」などで検索するとたくさんリンクが出てきます。
A lot of links come out when you google with "灸 ツボ" etc. Please read a manual carefully or ask person with experiences before you try it. And be careful for low temperature burn.

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