Run+city: distance calculation/距離の目安

At previous blogs such as about a sign on a road or running along Tokaido, I mentioned a sign "XXkm from Nihombashi." Here is the real one.
南に4kmはこのあたりじゃけど、他の方面ならどれくらい? 何かいいのないかしら… と思って探していたら、世の中には便利なものがありますね。
I was wondering that 4km to south is around here, but how about other directions? Where would be? Then I did bit searching for an useful site and found this.

I think it'd work fine as a rough measurement.

Here is one of English sites.
Free Map Tools: Radius Around Point

このFree Map Tools面白い。違うページでは「時速XXkmで歩いて/ジョギングで/走って…YY時間でどこまで行けるか?」も示してくれます。
This website is interesting. On the other page, you can get information about "How far you could go, if you walk by XXkph/jogging/running... in YY hours."
For instance, this is a map of walking at 4kph in 24 hours' area from Tokyo.

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